Sechseläuten in Zürich (Zwi)

When is Sechseläuten?

Sechseläuten (Sechselaeuten, Swiss German: Sächsilüüte) is celebrated on the afternoon of the Third Monday in April. If the third Monday of April is Easter Monday, the holiday may be moved to the preceding or following Monday.

This traditional spring festival originated in medieval times when the various guildhalls across Zurich celebrated the first day of the summer working hours.

History of Sechseläuten

Sechseläuten is a German word that literally translates into "The six o'clock ringing of the bells". In medieval Zurich, the length of the working day was determined by the season. During the winter months, the workday lasted as long as there was daylight, but during the summer (starting on the Monday following vernal equinox on March 21st), the law was that work must cease when the church bells rang for six o'clock.


Wanneer: maandag 19 april 2021 van 09:00 tot 23:00

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