L1-documentaire over bommenwerper Pey nu ook Engels ondertiteld

L1-documentaire over bommenwerper Pey nu ook Engels ondertiteld

L1-programmamaker Jos van den Broek volgde de opgraving van de neergestorte Engelse Short Stirling-bommenwerper in Pey en maakte er een documentaire over, Voor altijd vermist.

Die documentaire is, op veler verzoek, nu ook beschikbaar met Engelse ondertiteling.

L1 journalist Jos van den Broek followed the excavation of the crashed English Short Stirling bomber in Pey (Limburg, the Netherlands). It was the first of thirty to fifty aircraft wrecks to be salvaged throughout the Netherlands in the coming years.

At Lilbosch Abbey in Pey, the Stirling crashed on September 10, 1942, during the Second World War. There were four crew members in the aircraft. There was a suspicion that there were still remains of them in the ground. This appears not to be the case after a thorough investigation. Engines, parts of a landing gear and hundreds of other parts of the aircraft were found.

On September 16, 2019, a start was made with the salvage work on the site that is as large as a football pitch.

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